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What is a glass curtain wall?

The glass curtain wall is a new type of contemporary wall, which endows the building with the greatest characteristic of organically unifying the architectural aesthetics, architectural functions, building energy efficiency and building structure, etc. The building presents different tones from different angles, showing a dynamic beauty with the changes of sunlight, moonlight and light.

As the outer wall of the building, the Curtain Wall is a lightweight wall with a decorative effect.

Glass curtain wall refers to a building envelope or decorative structure that can have a certain displacement relative to the main structure by a supporting structure system and does not share the effects of the main structure.

The glass curtain wall is a kind of novel architectural decoration, which has the advantages of sound insulation, heat insulation, anti-frost, moisture resistance, and high wind pressure resistance.

Usually used in commercial buildings, Glass curtain walls are installed from outside the building using cranes or drilling rigs.

With the development, advancement of glass deep processing, we do value renewable resources and the solar energy superiority causes it to become a present era big subject. The general principle of the design is to highlight the local reality and meet the functional needs of the building, adhere to green, energy saving, consumption reduction, recycling of resources and energy, reduce pollutant emissions, and make a fundamental work for the construction of green buildings, especially low-energy buildings. Grand Glass® Low-E glass product has a good reputation in the industry since we have a range of products with different needs, colors, and optical parameter, most of all, we have rich experience in composite material glass products. Therefore, Grand Glass and Ruike New Energy are co-production agreement of photovoltaic glass for glass curtain wall. Relying on the core technology of CdTe thin film battery, on the basis of providing advanced CdTe thin film battery module products, we can provide diversified services according to customer needs. The photovoltaic glass curtain wall converts solar energy into electricity on the basis of guaranteeing the original building structure and appearance requirements, which can realize the characteristics of building capacity and self-supply, and strive for the development direction of low energy consumption and green buildings in our country.

What is curtain wall system?

The curtain wall system covers the building envelope with glass and aluminum to protect the interior from elements. And it creates a safe and comfortable environment for the building occupants.

The connection point of the wall at the floor or column of the building transmits the wind load to the main building structure, also known as the main wind protection system. The curtain wall is designed to resist the penetration of air and water, the sway generated by wind and seismic forces, and its weight.

The standard thickness of the curtain wall system is 6 to 10 inches and can be thicker depending on the manufacturer's capabilities. Thicker systems can provide more support without steel reinforcement. When the distance between the plates exceeds 15 feet, the glass curtain wall system is the ideal choice.


Types of curtain wall systems

Frame support glass curtain wall

A metal frame supports the glass panel periphery of the frame supporting the glass curtain wall. According to the form of curtain wall, it can be divided into three types: exposed frame, hidden frame (non-insulation profile) and semi-hidden frame.

Exposed frame glass curtain wall refers to a curtain wall with metal frame components exposed on the outer surface. Take special section aluminum alloy profile as the frame. And the glass panel is fully embedded in the groove of the profile. The aluminum alloy profile has the dual functions of a skeleton structure and a fixed glass. Compared with the hidden frame glass curtain wall, it is easier to meet the requirements of construction technology level.

The metal frame of the hidden frame glass curtain wall is hidden behind the glass, and the metal frame is invisible outside. 

The semi-concealed frame glass curtain wall can be horizontally bright and vertical, or vertically bright and horizontally hidden. 

The glass is outside the aluminum frame, and the glass and the aluminum frame are bonded with silicone structural sealant. The sealant mainly bears the load of the curtain wall.

Full glass curtain wall 

Full glass curtain wall refers to a curtain wall composed of glass ribs and glass panels. It provides conditions for architects to create a peculiar, transparent and crystal-clear building

Full glass curtain wall s are mostly used on the first and second floors of various public buildings. The grid size of the curtain wall used for lighting on the first floor of most shopping mall office buildings can be made large, and the overall appearance is smooth and high-transparent.

Curtain wall installation

The curtain wall installation is a complicated process and may be more expensive than other systems. Curtain walls may be distributed across the floor on the floor for punching applications.

The designer must be considered to design requirements to achieve cost-effective heating, cooling and lighting in buildings. For example: thermal expansion and contraction; swaying and movement of buildings; water diversion and thermal efficiency.

Type of curtain wall installation is including on-site assembly and prefabricated assembly.

On-site Assembly (component type curtain wall)

With pole-type curtain walls, components can be sent directly to the work site. It can be assembled on site, and then installed.

Prefabricated Assembly (unit type curtain wall)

Consisting of prefabricated units built in a controlled workshop environment, the units are sent to the site to be anchored on the floor.
Framed glass curtain walls can be assembled on-site or prefabricated, while frameless glass curtain walls can only be assembled on site.


Curtain wall glazing manufacturers

Grand Glass®, which was first established in 1993, always focus on engineering glass processing and development, accomplished projects all over China and Asia. At Grand Glass®, every panel is inspected and must meet the standards we set to provide consistent quality control.

On September 28, 2020, the launching ceremony of the national “Green Product Certification and Logo Promotion Week” with the theme of “Promoting Green Development and Enjoying Green Life” was held in Beijing. Relevant persons in charge of the State Administration for Market Regulation, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development attended the event and jointly launched the China Green Product Label. Zhongshan GrandGlass Industrial Co., Ltd. has obtained the first batch certificates of building glass “China Green Product Certification” issued by China Building Material Test & Certification Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CTC")

CTC is one of the large-scale comprehensive third-party inspection and certification service organizations in the field of construction materials and construction engineering in China. With the support and guidance of relevant national government departments, CTC has done a lot of basic, forward-looking and pragmatic work on green product certification, and has led the drafting of a number of national standards for green product evaluation and implementation rules for green product certification in the field of building materials, has played an active role in the effective implementation of Chinese green product certification.
Grand Glass® won the first batch certificates of “China Green Product Certification” for architectural glass, which not only represents the industry’s positive affirmation of the Grand Glass brand, but also reflects the country’s recognition of high-quality green products from Grand Glass.

In the future, Grand Glass will continue to uphold the business philosophy of “Quality First, Service supreme”, give full play to its own production technology advantages, vigorously develop environmentally friendly green products, and provide the market with high-quality glass products and professional technical services. We will remember our original intentions, forge ahead and strive to create more modern construction projects that are green energy-saving and livable for the society.

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Q: How is the waterproof of photovoltaic glass curtain wall? Can they be dismantled and replaced, such as the glass panel, circuit? Will the circuit catch fire?
A: The waterproof is the same as the ordinary curtain wall. And Yes, they can be replaced and they can meet the requirements of electrical codes for fire protection.

Q: What are the factors affecting the spontaneous cracking of tempered glass?
A: The automatic explosion of tempered glass without direct mechanical external force is called the spontaneous explosion of tempered glass.

Q: What are the spectral bands of solar radiation, visible light, ultraviolet light, and infrared light?
A: Solar radiation: 230-4000 nm wavelength
    Visible light: 380-780 nm wavelength
    Ultraviolet light: 10-400 nm wavelength
    Infrared light: 750-2500 nm wavelength

Q: What is visible light transmittance?
A: In the visible spectrum (380 nanometers to 780 nanometers), visible light transmittance is the percentage of the light intensity passing through the glass.

Q: What is visible light reflectivity?
A: In the visible spectrum (380 nanometers to 780 nanometers), visible light reflectivity is the percentage of the light intensity reflected by the glass.

Q: How to judge the shading coefficient?
A: The smaller the shading coefficient, the better the performance of blocking direct sunlight.

Q: Can Low-E glass be used as a single piece?
A: Grand Glass use the technology of vacuum magnetron sputtering, Low-E coated glass is the glass has several layers of metals or other chemical compounds sputtered on the surface(including one or more 10-20 nanometers thick silver layer). Silver has the lowest radiation rate in the natural world, the silver layer on the Low-E glass lower the infrared radiation rate from 0.84 to 0.15, reduce 90% of the indoor radiation heat loss, combine with IGU is the most effective way of energy saving for buildings. Therefore, it’s insulating glass with Low-E coating.

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Insulating Glass

Insulating glass is made by combining 2 or more layers of glass with desiccant filled in spacer in between, and sealed by silicone on all edges.

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Low-E Glass

Low-E coating insulating glass is widely used on curtain wall for modern office, hotels, roof, school, hospital, sport venues, recording room etc.

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Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is widely used in glass curtain wall, windows, doors, large area roof, balustrades and hurricane or natural disaster hit areas.

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