Amoy International Center (339 meters), Xiamen

Year: 2015
Main configuration: 10mm + PVB + 10mm + 12A + 10mm Low-E laminated insulating glass
Xiamen International Center is located in Lujiang Road, Xiamen, across the sea from Gulangyu Island, with a total construction area of approximately 186,600 square meters, a building height of 339.88 meters, 4 underground floors, and 61 floors above the ground. After the completion of the project, it will refresh the "Skyline" of Xiamen City and will become the tallest building in Fujian. The Wenzhou World Trade Center, which is beyond 323 meters, will become the tallest building in Haixi and become a new landmark.



1、Low-E Coating Insulating Glass

Low-E coating insulating glass is widely used on curtain wall for modern office,hotels,roof,school,hospital,sport venues,recording room  etc.

2、Insulating Glass

Widely used on door, windows, roof, school, hospital, sport venues, recording room etc.

3、Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is widely used in glass curtain wall,windows,doors,large area roof,balustrades and hurricane or natural disaster hit areas.


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