Lilac International Commercial Center,Shanghai

Year: 2017
Main configuration: 8mm + PVB + 8mm + 12A + 8mm Low-E laminated insulating glass
Dingxiang International Business Center is divided into two parts, a shopping mall and a commercial building. It is located in Lianyang Community. The shopping mall has two basement floors and four above-ground floors. The retail ratio is 20%, the catering ratio is 35% -40%, and the entertainment ratio is 10 %, Child experience accounts for 10%, and life and other accounts for 25%. Features include retail, catering, entertainment, cinema, fitness, and more.



1、Low-E Coating Insulating Glass

Low-E coating insulating glass is widely used on curtain wall for modern office,hotels,roof,school,hospital,sport venues,recording room  etc.

2、Insulating Glass

Widely used on door, windows, roof, school, hospital, sport venues, recording room etc.

3、Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is widely used in glass curtain wall,windows,doors,large area roof,balustrades and hurricane or natural disaster hit areas.


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