30 June 2020

Double Glazing VS Low-e Glass

The traditional double-glazed window is an energy-saving sealed glass unit. The two pieces of glass are separated by a spacer to form a small gap between the glass plates.

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30 May 2020

Should you install heat tempered glass at home

Heat tempered glass is a tough and durable glass surface that is not easily broken. Due to its ability to withstand high temperature differences, it is widely used in oven doors, room partitions, glass partitions, building facades, etc.

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28 May 2020

Why use toughened glass panels for broken bridge aluminum windows?

Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows refers to the use of heat-insulated broken bridge aluminum profiles and insulating glass, which has the functions of energy saving, sound insulation, noise prevention, dustproof, waterproof and so on.

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19 May 2020

The Benefits of Double Glazed Glass for Windows

Glass is an inorganic non-metallic material that is widely used and widely used at present, and can be used in the fields of construction, daily use, art, instrumentation, etc.This article will introduce the function of double glazing and highlight why double glazing has better thermal insulation performance.

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21 April 2020

How to choose between laminated safety glass and tempered glass

When choosing safety glass, whether it is decorative glass or functional glass, there are usually two choices: tempered glass or laminated glass.

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