The Use of The Low-E Coating Insulating Glass

The Use of The Low-E Coating Insulating Glass

July 17, 2020

Low-E coating insulating glass It is a new type of environmentally friendly glass. Although the ordinary glass has good daylighting effect, the thermal insulation effect is not ideal. Infrared rays can pass through the glass, causing the room to be sultry in summer and the heat in the room is easily lost in winter. This glass is designed to solve these problems.

This type of glass has the characteristics of low heat transfer coefficient and infrared reflection. Its main function is to reduce the transmission of radiant energy of far infrared rays indoors and outdoors, and allow solar radiation to enter the room as much as possible, thereby maintaining the indoor temperature, saving heating, The cost of air-conditioning costs. This product has a higher visible light transmission, and the reflected light color is lighter, which is almost difficult to see.

Low-E Coating Insulating Glass
This product not only restricts part of the solar thermal energy to enter the room in winter, but also restricts more solar energy to enter the room in summer, because the intensity of solar energy in winter is only about 1/3 of that in summer, so the thermal insulation performance is not affected. It has suitable visible light Transmittance has a certain shielding ability to the outdoor strong light.