Some little knowledge about tempered glass

Some little knowledge about tempered glass

July 14, 2021

Tempered glass cannot be dimensioned, and the dimension must be determined before leaving the factory. Although toughened glass has higher strength, its heat-resistant temperature and thermal shock resistance are not higher than that of ordinary glass, and it is likely to disintegrate when encountering a sharply changing temperature shock. The surface hardness of tempered glass is actually lower than that of ordinary glass, so it is less wear-resistant in comparison.

The rigidity of toughened glass is not stronger than that of ordinary glass. The surface flatness of tempered glass is worse than that of ordinary glass, and the scenery reflected on the exterior walls of many buildings is deformed because of this reason. When using a polarizer to observe toughened glass, if the reflection of light, the viewing angle, and the color of the back of the glass meet certain conditions, interference fringes will be seen, which is caused by the internal stress.

Tempered glass may disintegrate, but this dangerous accident should have been avoided. Therefore, manufacturers need to pay more attention to the production and subsequent installation process. After all, this is related to everyone's safety, and I hope it will not happen again. Cases of injuries caused by toughened glass appeared.