Photovoltaic Glass of Grandglass

Photovoltaic Glass of Grandglass

July 17, 2020

Grandglass is an expert in the production of photovoltaic glass. Photovoltaic power generation glass is composed of two pieces of glass: CdTe power generation layer and PVB. It is a power generation glass that uses the photoelectric effect of the CdTe semiconductor interface to directly convert light energy into electrical energy. The solar cell can be sealed between a piece of low-iron glass and a piece of back glass through a film, which is a novel high-tech glass product for construction.

Photovoltaic glass of Grandglass has the advantages of beautiful appearance, controllable light transmission, energy-saving power generation, no fuel, no waste gas, no waste heat, no waste residue, and no noise pollution. It is widely used, such as: solar smart windows, solar gazebos and photovoltaic glass roofs, And photovoltaic glass curtain wall and so on. Photovoltaic glass can be divided into two major categories: crystalline silicon photovoltaic glass and thin film photovoltaic glass. Among them, crystalline silicon is commonly used for curtain walls, and it is divided into single crystal silicon and polycrystalline silicon.

The photovoltaic curtain wall made of photovoltaic glass has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection and durability. As the photoelectric curtain wall serves as a building envelope and directly absorbs solar energy, it avoids excessively high wall and roof temperatures, which can effectively reduce wall and roof temperature rise, reduce air conditioning load, and reduce air conditioning energy consumption. The photoelectric curtain wall generates electricity by solar energy. It requires no fuel, produces no exhaust gas, has no residual heat, no waste residue, and no noise pollution.