Introduction to the use of tempered glass

Introduction to the use of tempered glass

October 10, 2021

Doors and windows: Toughened glass doors and windows are more secure. After all, they cannot be easily destroyed. As doors and windows, the safety performance is much higher than that of ordinary glass doors and windows.

Shower room installation: Many families choose to install the shower room. The safety performance of the shower room using tempered glass is much higher. After all, once it is impacted, there will be no fragments and no secondary damage.

Glass partitions: glass partitions are also very popular when doing pretends. Choosing toughened glass partitions is much more stable than ordinary glass.

Ceiling design: The design of tempered glass as a ceiling not only has high practicability, but this design also looks more beautiful, and it is also the material of choice for many people.

Sun room: There are many glass materials needed when building a sun room. Tempered glass is also the first choice for most sun rooms, after all, it will not be easily damaged.