Introduction of Fire-proof Glass

Introduction of Fire-proof Glass

June 09, 2020

What is fire-proof glass
Fire-resistant glass is mainly used to control the spread of fire or smoke insulation during fire protection. It is a kind of fire-proof material that is processed and treated by unique processes and can maintain its integrity and heat insulation in the prescribed fire resistance test. Special glass. Its fire resistance evaluates the fire-proof effect of the fire-proof glass.

Classification of fire-resistant glass
According to product types, it can be divided into A, B, and C, mainly due to different fire resistance. Class A can meet the requirements of fire resistance integrity, fire resistance, and heat insulation at the same time. It has the properties of light transmission, fire resistance, sound insulation, and impact resistance, and is suitable for building decoration. Class B can meet the requirements of fire resistance integrity and heat radiation intensity at the same time. Class C only meets the requirements of fire resistance integrity and has the characteristics of light transmission, fire protection, smoke insulation, and high strength.

Fire-resistant glass can be divided into fire-resistant laminated glass, thin-coated fire-resistant glass, single-piece fire-resistant glass, and fire-resistant wire-shielded glass according to the structure type. According to the fire resistance, it can be divided into five grades: 0.5h, 1.00h, 1.50h, 2.00h, 3.00h.

The difference between fire-resistant glass and ordinary glass
The same is in the decoration category. They are all Class A non-combustible materials. In the event of a fire, they can maintain the corresponding fire resistance for a certain period, and buy time for the evacuation, fire extinguishment, and disaster relief of personnel. However, ordinary glass, such as float glass and tempered glass, has no fire resistance, and will burst when a fire occurs, and cannot prevent the spread of flame, heat radiation, and smoke.

Building fire-proof components
The fire-resistant component products on the building should have fire-fighting functions such as fire prevention, fire insulation, and smoke prevention, to ensure that they can be kept closed or opened at any time during the fire, and should be flexible, stable and free of jamming during operation. For some product parts that require manual opening and closing, ensure that the personnel is convenient and reliable in opening and closing, and the torque is appropriate.

As a fire-proof component of a building, it should also have a product with linkage performance. That is to say, after receiving the fire protection linkage signal, the linkage control device should be able to react in time, control the moving parts to execute the instructions quickly, and the action is flexible, stable, and without jamming.

For buildings, standard fire-proof components include fire-proof doors, fire-proof windows, fire-proof shutters, fire-proof glass partitions, fire-proof curtain walls, and other fire-proof partition products. Such components are generally composed of skeletons, fire-proof glass, fire-proof accessories, fire-proof seals, etc., to ensure high fire resistance, thereby reducing the disaster situation.

Recommended Products:
Fireproof glass, Class A thermal insulation fireproof glass:
- With fire integrity and heat insulation, heat radiation protection to protect life and property safety.
- Have good permeability, weather resistance and stable UV resistance.
- Glued to the glue layer, and it is not easy to fall off after breaking, which belongs to safety glass.
- The Low-E coating Insulating Glass can be configured according to the design requirements, can be made into an arc, and the surface is colored glaze, frosted, etc.
- Good sound insulation and noise reduction performance.