How to Clean Heat Tempered Glass

How to Clean Heat Tempered Glass

April 21, 2020

Many people like to clean the room themselves, including the windows. However, windows come in various shapes and sizes. With different windows, the choice of glass is different, and the methods used to clean these windows are also different. What are the common glass windows? How to clean them?

Tempered glass
Heat tempered glass is often called safety glass because it breaks into spherical particles when it breaks, avoiding serious harm to people. Tempered glass is one of the most difficult to clean. Tempered glass is very easy to scratch, make sure to use high-quality cleaners and microfiber towels for cleaning.

Annealed glass
Annealed glass is a fairly common glass, and its strength is much lower than that of tempered glass. The formation process of glass is to slowly cool the glass to reduce its internal stress after formation. This glass is very easy to clean, you can directly scratch the glass with a razor. Of course, it is easy to scratch the glass with a razor, so the best way is soapy water, newspaper or microfiber towel.

Low-e glass
Low-E glass is coated with a film or coating to prevent ultraviolet rays from heating your house. Such windows are very expensive, so do not use any window cleaners that contain ammonia. The cleaner must never scrub or use any type of abrasive material to clean the windows.
Low-e glass
Heat strengthened glass
The heat-strengthened glass was heat-treated to cause surface compression, but it did not "shrink" when it was broken by tempered glass. Thermally strengthened glass can withstand rapid fluctuations in temperature, but tends to produce spots. Cleaning the glass window should be exactly the same as annealed glass without scratching.

Cleaning windows seems simple, and it is important to know the differences between the types of glass when cleaning. Scratched glass is almost impossible to repair, and can be expensive if possible. Window cleaning is time-consuming and often dangerous. For buildings with high windows, it is recommended that professionals can be cleaned.