Green Building-Photovoltaic Power Glass

Green Building-Photovoltaic Power Glass

August 14, 2020

"Green" in "green building" represents a concept or symbol, meaning that the building is harm reduction to the environment and can fully utilize the natural resources. The so-called green building refers to a new type of building that does not destroy the necessary ecological balance of the environment during construction and consumes less material and energy during the survival period than traditional buildings. It is also called a sustainable building.

In planning for the future of sustainable cities, more and more construction developers or engineering designers are working towards sustainable development, focusing on minimizing the impact on the environment and ecology. Solar energy is a sustainable building technology. In green buildings, the use of solar energy is usually active and passive. Active solar energy uses solar energy systems to absorb solar radiation for heating and power generation, which can reduce the use of electricity or gas. Passive solar energy heats the room through sunlight from the windows and the heat-absorbing surface, reducing the need for heating during cold weather such as winter.

At the same time, Grand Glass and Zhongshan Ruike New Energy Co., Ltd. have formed a long-term strategic partnership in the development of photovoltaic power generation glass. As the role of photovoltaic glass is to change solar energy to electrical energy, we will customize photovoltaic glass products according to customer needs, and providing professional solutions. 

We recommend Digital Printed Photovoltaic Glass that you may want to custom patterns and design in features that add value to the aesthetic part. Or you may want a composite material of Low-E coating Insulating Photovoltaic Glass.

Product advantages:
--Good safety performance
The product adopts a non-toxic powdery substance that is not decomposed at average high temperature and is compounded by a safe and practical laminating process, which belongs to the category of safety glass.

--Low light power generation
It is not sensitive to the angle of the incident light, and partial shielding is not easy to damage. It can be used in different directions of the building, and it can also generate electricity on cloudy days with long working hours.

--Good sound insulation
The film layer has an excellent blocking effect on sound waves and can create a quiet and comfortable indoor environment.

It can be used in traditional industrial and commercial, household power stations. It can also be used as a building material on building surfaces, such as building curtain walls, shading components (sunshades, decorative louvers), building lighting roofs, and building fences (balconies, railings), awnings, Car tents, and bus platforms.