Advantages of Heat Strengthened Glass

Advantages of Heat Strengthened Glass

August 12, 2020

Heat strengthened glass is also called semi-tempered glass. This kind of glass has been widely used in developed countries and is still a new product in my country. The mechanical strength of its glass is many times that of ordinary glass. The product's appearance and flatness, thickness deviation and light transmittance are closer to the original glass than tempered glass, and it overcomes the shortcomings of tempered glass that burst due to temperature.

Heat strengthened glass

Is Heat Strengthened Glass Safety Glass

Heat strengthened glass has some of the advantages of tempered glass. For example, the strength is higher than ordinary float glass, which is twice that of ordinary float glass. At the same time, it avoids the disadvantages of poor flatness and self-explosion of tempered glass, which is a safety comparison. Good glass. When the Heat strengthened glass is broken, it cracks radially along the crack source, and generally there is no tangential crack propagation, so it can still keep the whole body without collapse under normal circumstances. Therefore, Heat strengthened glass has no risk of self-explosion and is often used in glass curtain walls.


Heat Strengthened Glass on Grand Glass@

Heat strengthened glass is 1.6-2 tougher than ordinary glass,with flatter surface and less risk of spontaneous breaking. Once broken, the cracks radiate the glass without small piece, therefore the glass is still attached as whole piece without falling down. It is best used for curtain wall,shade and roof.

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Heat Strengthened Glass Manufacturing Process

The production process of Heat strengthened glass is similar to that of tempered glass, except that the wind pressure during the quenching process is lower than the process requirements of tempered glass. The surface stress in Heat strengthened glass is between 24 and 69Mpa, which is lower than the surface stress of tempered glass. Therefore, the strength and thermal shock resistance of Heat strengthened glass are slightly lower than that of tempered glass, but it is 1~2 times higher than ordinary glass. Compared with tempered glass, the greater advantage of Heat strengthened glass is the smoothness of the glass. , Less optical distortion, can withstand 1000℃ temperature difference without damage, and has good thermal shock resistance.

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